777 Wollongong Removalist is an efficient, cost-effective team of removalists based in Wollongong. We specialise in moving furniture in Wollongong to and from anywhere within NSW,QLD and VIC. If you are moving and need your furniture moved quickly, safely and affordably, 777 Wollongong Movers is the company that will give you peace of mind.

People love our moving service in Wollongong because:

  • We’re fast and punctual!

  • We’ve effective, and don’t waste time!

  • We deliver great value service!

Whether you are moving one block or to a totally different town, we service all areas within 150 km of the Wollongong, Shellharbour and Illawarra areas. 777 Wollogong Removalists will look after you!


Take the stress out of moving in Wollongong !

Furniture removals mean a lot of extra unwanted work for most people. Moving is known to be highly stressful for many reasons. You really don’t want to have to deal with all the extra work of packing and trucking furniture at one of the most stressful times in your life. If you’ve ever moved before, you’ll understand that even on a good day with perfect weather, there is huge amount to do and remember. Engaging a reliable moving company in Wollongong like 777 Wollongong Removalist will take away a great deal of the stress.


Are we insured?

As a Wollongong professional moving service, we are fully insured and we guarantee that our customers are completely satisfied with everything we provide. Furniture removals Wollongong

How punctual is our team of Wollongong Removalists?

When we name you a time, we are serious. We make sure we keep to any times we schedule with our customers. As professional Wollongong furniture removalists, we know that being on time means makes our customers happy, which in-turn, maintains and promotes our good name.  Removalist Wollongong

Do we provide free quotes?

We do not charge for providing you with a quote. Call us or fill out our online form below and we will provide you a free quote that is absolutely free. Removals Wollongong Movers Wollongong

Do we provide services for DIY movers?

While we are extremely cost effective wollongong removalists, we recognise many people have very limited budgets. Because it often cheaper to do things yourself, we can provide you with just the things you might need if you are intending to move house, yourself. We are happy to supply packing materials such as boxes, butcher paper, bubble wrap and tape as well as useful tips to assist you. One of the best removalist in Wollongong.

We can also do the packing for you, so you can be assured your valuable possessions will be safe while you truck them yourself. We can also provide unpacking services for you. See our Wollongong packing and unpacking services for more information. Call us if you are on a limited budget and we will advise you on how you can cut your moving costs to a minimum.